"Learn the Secrets of the Top Pro's in Magic to
Unleash Your Creativity and Quickly, Simply, and Effectively
Make All Your Magic Better Than You Ever Thought Possible...
And Even Create Your Own Original, Artistic,
Impressive Magic Routines…"

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That Will Help Put Your Act on the Fast Track to Excellence and Success!)

     How badly do you want it?

     No matter how involved you are in magic, whether a full time pro, a devoted amateur, or an inexperienced but enthusiastic beginner, your success will be based mainly on your desire and your determination.

     Is it your dream to perform well crafted, artistic, high impact, extremely entertaining magic? Magic that simply blows people away, makes a powerful impression, and gets astounded "ooh's and ahh's, delighted laughter, or enthusiastic applause each and every time you perform?

     Imagine the feeling of pride when you perform unique, dynamic, awe inspiring magic that you yourself designed and created!

     If this describes your mission, your purpose, your dream for expressing your love of magic, there are ways that you make it come true, quicker and more simply than you may have realized.

     I'm going to share several of them with you in just a moment, and show you a way that you can apply them, to begin achieving your dream. I think you'll want to study this carefully, and take it to heart.

     But first, let me tell you a little about myself, and why you should take the time to listen to what I have to say.

My Story

     My name is Mitch Williams. You may or may not have heard of me. I'm an international award winner, and I've been a full time professional magician for over 25 years.

     Like many of us, I caught the magic bug when I was very young.

     There were no magic shops in my area, and I didn't know any other magicians, so I built my own props and taught myself magic from books at the library. I began performing as a teenager in central Illinois, and soon decided this was absolutely what I wanted to do as my career.


     I was inspired by the drama of performers like Shimada, by the modern, light-hearted approach of Doug Henning, and the showmanship of people like Siegfried and Roy. And in 1981 I moved to Michigan to study under Neil Foster, who became a close friend and mentor.

     I worked hard to perfect my act, and began getting attention at magic conventions and winning several regional and national awards. I was invited to perform at the Magic Castle on several occasions, and in 1985 I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream.

     In Los Angeles, I lived near the Magic Castle, and when I wasn't performing, I'd often spend my evenings there, carefully studying the various acts I saw.

Finding My Place…

     I soon discovered that I had a natural knack for identifying the basic elements of a successful act, and I began systematically applying them to my own act and to those of my close friends in magic, always with an eye towards living out my dream of being an expert, professional performer.

     Before long, I developed a reputation as one of the top magicians in Southern California. I was invited to perform in Europe, Japan, and throughout the US and Canada, in theatres, revue shows, nightclubs, cruise ships, corporate events, and television.

     I worked on the same shows with most of top magicians in the business, and became friends with many of them. I was also extremely fortunate to become friends with and learn from some of the true "greats" in magic, such as Karrel Fox, Dai Vernon, Shimada, and Channing Pollock, to name just a few.

Sharing My Insights…

     Finding that I had a real talent for coaching and directing, I also worked with other magicians to help make their acts top notch.

     I found that I loved helping others with their acts almost as much as I loved performing myself. (Almost!) Eventually I organized what I'd learned into a lecture with simple, practical ideas for making any magic more artistic, expressive, and powerful. I've shared my lecture with groups throughout the United States to rave reviews, and I've loved every minute of it.

     It's incredibly fulfilling and humbling when magicians come to me and tell me that I've changed the way they look at their magic; that I've made a real difference, and inspired and enabled them to do more than they themselves thought they could.

Here's what other professional magicians have had to say about me:

"A Significant Impact on my award winning act..."

"Mitch had a significant impact on the development of my award winning act.  Whether you're a beginner in magic, or an experienced, seasoned professional, you'll find Mitch's lecture packed with valuable ideas that you can use right away to make your magic much stronger and more impressive. Mitch is a great adviser, definitely the best I ever had!"

—Johnny Ace Palmer
World Champion Magician, 1988 FISM Grand Prix Winner.
2-time winner of Magic Castle Close Up Magician of the Year.
2-time winner of Magic Castle Lecturer of the Year.

"The Real Secrets..."

"He's giving away the REAL secrets!"

—Andrew Dakota
Detroit area close up pro,
Inventor of Ultra Smoke 2000.

"An Unparalleled Learning Experience..."

“I can personally promise to those that attend (Mitch’s) lecture that you are in for a treat and such a learning experience that you will not gain anywhere else.  I worked with Mitch for eight weeks in California.  I have personally seen the results that he creates.  And you will benefit from this award winning performer and creative mind.  He will show you how to create your own magic routines and give your magic real impact.... which can also be easily applied to any type of magic, regardless of experience or skill level.”

—Glenn Gary
Northern Virginia SAM #252

"The Real Magic..."

“This sort of material I really feel is the real magic and is in short supply within the magic community.  I have been for a long time trying to find my character and feel this is going to be a great help. I have been in magic for many years starting out very young and find myself changing styles too often, trying to find what suits, but feel with the (lecture) I am getting closer.”

—Graham Rogers
Phoenix, AZ 

"Understands What the Art of Magic Should Be..."

“I whole-heartedly recommend Mitch Williams' lecture.  I believe there are only a handful of performers that truly understand what the art of magic should be, and Mitch is one of them.” 

—TC Tahoe
2-time winner of Magic Castle Parlour Magician of the Year.

"A Truly Valuable Lesson..."

“Mitch is my hero!  I learned a LOT from his lecture!  It’s a truly valuable lesson for any professional.”

—Amos Levkovitch
2-time winner of Magic Castle Stage Magician of the Year.

     You may have heard of some of these people, or perhaps even know them personally.  You can bet they wouldn’t say these things about me unless they felt strongly about what I have to offer.  (Ask them yourself, if you don’t believe me!)

Now, let me share with you some of the secrets that I've learned over my years as a professional entertainer that can help you become a top notch performer in magic:

Four Essential Steps
For Making Your Magic The Best It Can Be:

1. Set a Goal and Determine to Reach It

     Nothing focusses your efforts like having a specific, realistic, but inspiring objective to reach for. What would you dare to dream if you knew you couldn't fail? Set a goal that's a first step in that direction.

2. Find Your Uniqueness and Capitalize on It

     One of the most important (if not the most important) things you can do to become a successful performer is to discover your performing character. I once asked Shimada how he'd developed his awe inspiring act. He said that the most important thing he'd done was to find his character, and that after that, everything else just fell into place. Your performing persona will be the foundation for everything else you do.

3. Study the Fundamental "Techniques of Magic" and the Performing Arts and Apply Them to What You Do

     In this sense, when I say "techniques of magic", I'm NOT talking about how to do the tricks. I'm really talking about presentation, showmanship, and other theatrical performance skills. The magic is important, but without the performing skills to breathe life into it, it's nothing more than a bunch of interesting puzzles, at best.

     I don't have the space to list them all here, but some of the things you'll want to give attention to are character development, timing, pointing (or direction), and blending the magic effects with the expression of your personality.

4. Find Expert Guidance to Help You on Your Way

     There's no reason to re-invent the wheel when you don't have to. Learn from those who have the experience and the knowledge of having done it, so you don’t have to take the long road of making mistakes that have already been made for you.

If you purposely follow these simple steps, you'll move unmistakably towards your dreams in magic. These are some of the most important actions you can take to become a truly skilled performer.

     However, it's…

Simple, But Not Necessarily "Easy"…

     You'll notice I didn't say it would be "easy". Becoming a great magic performer, like anything worthwhile, takes effort and dedication. As I said before, your success will be based on how much you want it.

     Do you have a burning desire to become better and better? If so, sooner or later, you'll find a way to do it. The only question is how long is it going to take you to achieve your goal?

The Problem Is…
It Can Be a Rather Challenging Quest!

  • Almost as soon as you set a goal, you'll encounter obstacles.
  • Finding your character can a complicated process. (Even though it seems like it "shouldn't" be, learning to just "be yourself" can in fact be a tough thing to do.)
  • Searching out good sources of information on performing can be another monumental task in its own regard.
  • And the same is true of finding good guidance and coaching. Where do you look to find someone you can trust to have the skills, the knowledge, the experience, and the insight to give you good feedback and steer you in the right directions?

Can You Do It?...

     Do you want it badly enough to overcome these obstacles, to find shortcuts and simplify these steps so that you can move forward more quickly? If you do, if you're truly serious about creating strong magic and becoming a better performer, and if you have a strong desire to make your magic the absolute best it can be, then I'd like to offer you my assistance.

     I've loved being able to share such valuable information in my lectures, but recently I learned something rather interesting, and more than a little bit troubling:

It's a scientific fact that at least half of the information that we hear in a lecture is forgotten within 24 hours. And much of the remainder is gone within 30 days.

     I wanted to find a more complete way to help magicians work with my information and actually be able to USE it to dramatically improve their magic.

     So I’ve taken all my experience from years of creating, performing, and teaching the art of magic, as well as what I’ve learned from other top professionals in magic, and put it into a course that YOU can use to improve all your magic.

     It’s called the Act Building Toolkit for Magicians. It’s a complete home study course on how to create an artistic and entertaining magic act, and strongly improve all your magic, regardless of your experience or skill level.

     Can you begin to imagine the progress you'll make when you have these valuable tools and information to study and use, at home, at your own pace?

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn In The Course:

  • How to find inspiration and use it to develop your own original magic routines, or even design an entire, unique and original magic act.
  • How to make your magic more artistic, more expressive, and lots more fun to perform.
  • Simple techniques that you can use IMMEDIATELY to make your magic stronger and automatically get more audience response.
  • How to choose and design magic that’s uniquely suited to you and your personality.
  • How to simply and effectively integrate music into your act.
  • A powerful method (originally shared with me by Channing Pollock) of using physical movement to dramatically enhance your magic in a variety of ways.
  • How to use the practice and rehearsal techniques of the top pros to get the absolute best results with the least time and effort.
  • How to give all your magic more meaning and purpose.
  • A simple way to make all your magic appear more natural.
But that’s really just the beginning.

Act Building Toolkit for Magicians
Imagine how quickly
and easily you’ll learn
from all the following valuable tools:

A 64 page Manual designed to thoroughly teach you all the principles and techniques that I cover in my lecture, and much more.  With practical tips on how to apply them to any type of magic you do.  The Manual is structured in an easy to follow format, with a detailed table of contents that makes it simple to locate any specific section.

Since this is information you’ll want to refer to again and again, the Manual comes in a handy, “loose-leaf” ring binder which makes it much easier to study than a traditional “hard-bound” book.

AND... in addition to the information that I normally cover in my lecture, in the Manual I also provide:

  • Details on character development not covered in the lecture.
  • Advice on...
    • How to structure routines, (or even an entire act) from start to finish.
    • How to effectively design music into your act.
    • How to use improvisation to enhance your performances and create new magic.
  • Several PRACTICAL EXERCISES that help you put the various ideas to work in your own magic.
  • Advanced practice and rehearsal techniques of the top pro’s.
  • Tips on marketing your magic.
  • Several WORKSHEETS designed to help you go to work to apply the principles effectively.
A 2 Disc DVD Video of my entire acclaimed lecture on approaching magic as a self expressive art form.  This is the lecture I’ve been doing for several years, that’s inspired so many magicians and helped them to improve their magic.

The video is a combination of "live" footage filmed on location at a lecture I presented at Twin Cities Magic in St. Paul Minnesota, and interview segments where I discuss several key principles with magician, Norm Barnhart.

Two Audio CD's:
A CD on the Creative Process.  In this audio program you’ll learn the artistic process of finding inspiration, turning it into ideas, and then creating new magic routines from them.  Also included are systematic methods of solving problems, getting great ideas, and “tweaking” those ideas to make them even better.
A CD on Balanced Movement.  This is the powerful and versatile technique I share in my lecture that allows you to do SO MUCH MORE with your magic.  This audio program walks you through exercises that help you learn to use the technique and begin applying it to your magic.  You can use the Balanced Movement technique to...
  • Express your character more effectively and dynamically.
  • Create automatic, built in misdirection in all your routines.
  • Learn sleight of hand MUCH more easily.
  • Invent your own sleight of hand and other new magic techniques uniquely suited to your performing style.
  • Automatically and invisibly blend the magic technique into what you’re expressing openly to the audience.
  • Accomplish EVERYTHING in your performances more effortlessly.
A Complete Book:
A Coin Routine: A Study in Naturalness, Focus, and Self Expression in Magic

This book reveals every detail of a commercial, sleight of hand coin routine that I’ve performed for several years.  But the routine is really just the background for a valuable lesson in the practical application of the principles of naturalness, focus, misdirection, and much more.

You may want to learn the coin routine, and use it as a standard in your performances.  I’ve used it effectively in both close up and platform situations, and it contains some strong visual magic.  But even if you decide not to learn the routine itself, the book will teach you exactly how to apply several of the most important principles from my lecture in step by step detail.

The techniques in this book are ones you can apply to any of your own magic to IMMEDIATELY make it stronger, much more natural, and to get vastly better audience response.

     I’ve tried to put everything in the Toolkit that you’ll need to begin designing or improving your act into a truly commercial, entertaining work of art. I WANT you to succeed, so I’m providing every scrap of information I can!

Brand New Updated Version!

     When I first introduced the original version of the Act Building Toolkit it included audio cassette tapes and a VHS video tape, which was a compilation of fairly low quality video tapings from a lecture tour I did in the summer of 1997.

     Once advances in technology made these items relatively obsolete, I discontinued the original version of the Toolkit, and it has been unavailable for some time.

     I'm very excited to introduce this Newly Updated Version of the Act Building Toolkit, which includes:

  • Updates to the Manual with some details not included previously.
  • A new, professionally published version of the Coin Routine book.
  • Newly remastered Audio CD's.
  • And the entirely new, professionally produced 2-disc DVD video of my lecture with all new footage, production, and editing.

What Is All This Worth To You?

     If you had to hire an expert to help you improve your magic this way, what would it be worth to you?  Private lessons from any of the top professionals in magic can run $100 or more per hour!  You could easily spend thousands of dollars getting your act up to speed.

     When I took the Chavez course from Neil Foster back in 1981, the rate for the course was $5000.  And I thought it was worth every penny.

     If the improvements to your magic bring you more shows, what could the increased income be worth to your bank account?  And of course, if you book even one extra show as a result, it could more than cover the cost of this course...

     World Champion Magician, Johnny Ace Palmer says that my Act Building Toolkit is the "Best Bargain in Magic!"

       But I'm going to take this even further and really go out on a limb.  If you're serious enough about improving your magic that you're willing to invest in the Toolkit right away, I'm also going to give you these...

Valuable Free Bonuses
If You Order Your Toolkit Right Away!

     To launch this newly updated version of the Toolkit, for a limited time, I'm also offering the following valuable FREE RESOURCES to assist you in vastly improving your act.    

     You can work really hard on your act by yourself, but you know that nothing can beat expert feedback from an experienced coach or director. I’ve helped many top magicians significantly improve their acts, and I can help you too!

     If you order your Toolkit right away, you'll also receive the following incredibly valuable extras...


 A Video Tape Critique certificate worth $200, which allows you to send me a video DVD (or a link to an online video) of your act or routine and receive a detailed and thorough written critique, coaching, and directing session from me on it.  I’ll take my time and give you the best feedback and assistance that I possibly can.
VALUE:  $200


A Performing Challenge certificate worth $100, which you can send to me with a specific description of any problem, obstacle, or other road block you need help with in designing and improving your act.  I’ll send a detailed written consultation, personally designed to help address and solve your performing difficulty.
VALUE:  $100


Copyright Free Worksheets on Computer Disc:  these are the various worksheets included in the manual.  I furnish you with a CD-Rom disc which contains these worksheets in "pdf" format, ready to print from your computer, so that you can use them again and again and truly get the most from them.
VALUE:  $40


Valuable Free Report:
"25 Tips on How to Make All Your Shows Go Smoothly":
  This report is a compilation of some truly practical, professional tips and ideas on how to make sure that your shows consistently run smoothly and worry free.
VALUE:  $20


Free Personalized 20 Minute Phone Consultation:  I was hesitant to include this, as I didn't want to make the time commitment. But here goes… If you buy the Toolkit from this website, I'll give you personalized access to my experience and insights in the form of a free 20 minute phone consultation.
I normally charge up to $150 for this type of personalized coaching. You can consult with me personally on any specific problem or obstacle you encounter in designing or improving your act. (I may decide to remove this bonus at any time, so don't delay...)
VALUE:  $150

     These free bonuses have a total value of $510, worth far more than your investment in the Act Building Toolkit!

     You CANNOT lose by ordering this kit, and here’s why...

     If for any reason, once you’ve had a chance to take in the information in the course and made a sincere effort to apply it to your magic, you don’t agree that you can benefit substantially as a result, just send the kit back to me any time within thirty days of receiving it, and I’ll give you a full refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

     Now, I realize there are those who won’t give the Toolkit a fair shake and won’t even try to apply the practical techniques and principles.  And then they’ll say it “just didn’t work.”  So all I ask is that you really put yourself into it and give it a fair try.  If after that, you don’t see the value, send it back, and I’ll give you your money back.

     I know there are also those dishonest individuals who would try to take advantage of me by making copies of the materials and then asking for their money back.  But I’m willing to bet that you’re not one of them.  I know that if for some reason you decide not to keep the toolkit that you’ll be honest about it and respect my copyrights.

     And frankly, I’m so certain that you’re going to be thrilled and inspired by the information in the course, that you’ll want to keep it, to study it inside and out, and to apply it to every aspect of your magic.

     That’s why I’m willing to make this amazing guarantee.  When was the last time you got this kind of guarantee on a magic book, video program, or other information??? Probably never!

Act Building Toolkit for Magicians Here’s what you get...
  • 64 page ring bound, detailed Manual.
  • 2 Disc DVD Video of my lecture.
  • 2 Audio CD's:  The Creative Process and Balanced Movement.
  • A Coin Routine:  A Study in Focus, Naturalness, and Self Expression in Magic book.

Plus these valuable Free Bonuses for ordering right away:

  • Video Critique Certificate (a $200 value.)
  • Performing Challenge Consultation Certificate (a $100 value.)
  • Computer Disk with Copyright Free Worksheets (a $40 value.)

  • Free Report: 25 Tips to Make All Your Shows Go Smoothly (a $20 value.)

  • EXTRA FREE BONUS: Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation (a $150 value.)

Just $249.50!
(Plus Shipping and Handling):

     Remember, the Act Building Toolkit for Magicians home study course is guaranteed to help you improve your magic, and the offers for the SPECIAL VALUABLE FREE BONUS ITEMS may end at any time.

    Don't put this off and miss out!  Why not order your kit right now?

Yours truly,

Mitch Williams

PS: Remember, the additional free bonuses may end at any time. Don't put this off and miss out!